Who are the Jazz Phools?  Jay Leaman (trombone, leader), Dale Sloman (trumpet, cornet), Nelson Dellamaggiore (saxes, clarinet, flute), Mark Moultrup (Keys, vocals), Steve Boisen (bass, ukulele, banjo, vocals), and Michael Washington (drums). There are "Guest Phools" that we call on from time to time (aka the Phool Pool). We use only the best! 


Band Size & Instrumentation: The Jazz Phools group is comprised of 6 musicians, but we can perform with as few as 2 (explained below). There are many options for instrumentation. The more popular choices include adding a female vocalist or using electric guitar instead of keys (great for jump swing!).  


Small Group: For our smaller 2, 3 or 4-piece groups, our keys man covers the entire rhythm section by also playing bass pedals and a drum machine. In this way you still get a full sound with 2 or 3 horns and keys. The small group can also go acoustic with banjo and horns (see below).


Phools Unplugged: Just like a New Orleans street band, the Jazz Phools can jam anywhere! We can also go partially plugged with battery power. We can set up the big stuff inside and then play outside as the guests arrive. For weddings, we can play at a ceremony location without resetting for the reception elsewhere, or lead guests from the ceremony to the reception. We perform on boats and in parades. For funerals, we can lead a procession to and from the gravesite. 


Equipment: We provide a sound sytem for the band and a wireless microphone for your announcements. We don't require a lot of power - often one outlet is sufficient. I have lights - please let us know if we will need them. 


Special Songs: We frequently prepare special requested songs for wedding couples. We can also arrange "new" music for our vintage style. Just give us enough time to work on it. 


Break Music: We take care of the break music, but you have another option. You can create your own playlist and plug your ipod/phone into my PA system to play during breaks. Or maybe you would like a set of your selected songs for the last hour of the reception? 


Dress: We have a few options for coordinated

outfits and can attempt to compliment the

           theme/colors of your event. 








Tel: 352~232~3404

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The Jazz Phools: Eric Enfield, Kirk Reyes, Dale Sloman, Jay Leaman